Sunday, August 13, 2006

Watching the blues lose again...

A couple of dry whites into the afternoon, CT finds himself at Heathrow - Terminal 4. The Bomb squad, God squad and Osgood all thrown into the mix. Tiger is heading off to NYC for a couple of days of exceptionally hard graft but before he does so. He has to find a way of keeping up with the mighty blues against the dirty reds. No sooner has he sat down than bad news seeps through. The Scousers are 2-1 up via the joys of t'Internet. 10 minutes to go and we are doomed to an early season hiccup.... That being said Chelsea are going to struggle to retain the title this year. Too many good players out of the club and not enough resource across the squad to keep it ticking over. Oh, well it is only football and what does it matter?

What kind of damn fool question is that?

Tiger heads off through gate 1c cursing the result, the balance of the team and the impending 3 days in NYC!

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