Thursday, June 11, 2009

Songs on the Bridge - 5

Music is my radar - Blur
Secret Agent - Tony Allen

Run Rabbit Ron

So, buck-toothed multi-millionaire Christiano Ronaldo is being allowed his dream move to Real Madrid? A world record fee for football's very own Greg Louganis. We should of course be neither surprised nor particularly bothered by this development.

Madrid's position as a state funded team has been known for years (any team that counted President Franco as number one fan should always be viewed with extreme contempt) and their desparation to catch up with the magnificent Barcelona (No shirt sponsor, save UNICEF - says it all) has driven them to this point. Sign Kaka (by all accounts a very genuine person) and follow him up with a talented, preening, twenty goal a season cheat!

Great news for United, 80 mil will go a short way to paying off their vast debt and a long way to signing 3 decent players (A goalkeeper, centre and right back are required for a start) and Adidas (Madrid's kit sponsor). Not good news for Primera Liga defenders and Real Madrid's insurers.

Prediction - Ronaldo injured within 8 matches out for majority of first season. Barcelona to win Primera again.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Inner Sydney Life - 1

I normally wake up about ten to six (5:50 always looks much earlier when written down). My first glimpse of Sydney is out over the Spit Bridge. The traffic rolls down the hill from Seaforth, flutters across the bridge and then grinds its way up the hill. Having busied myself with being a husband and a father for an hour or more. I manage to lock myself into a sweet little musical coccoon, just me and my i-pod.

The tunes tumble, rumble, jolt, shoot, mumble and fizz out of the speakers, tunes that bring forth sharp stabs of nostalgia, sweet shivers of delight or frequent bemused looks. The music is my soundtrack as I take as many backroads as I could possibly desire. The aim is to keep moving, however far away from my ultimate destination the moving traffic takes me.

Mosman, Cremorne and Neutral Bay slide by in a roadmix of folk, jazz, punk and reggae. It's my life. A world full of music and traffic...

Songs on the Bridge - 4

Inner City Blues - Good life
Bttw 90 - A Certain Ratio
Coup - 23 Skidoo