Wednesday, December 31, 2008

25/25 - 2008

1. My mistakes were made for you - The Last Shadow Puppets
2. In the heat of the morning - The Last Shadow Puppets
3. Standing next to me - The Last Shadow Puppets
4. Have you made up your mind – Paul Weller
5. Shadowlands – Part-time Heroes
6. Stop, Fade, Blur - Part-time Heroes
7. Method (Don’t say goodbye) - Part-time Heroes
8. The Beach is Free – Billy Bragg
9. Sea Spray – Paul Weller
10. M for Me – Billy Bragg
11. All I wanna do (Is be with you) – Paul Weller
12. God Bless Texas – Paul Heaton
13. Kaounding Cissoko – Toumani Diabate
14. El Nabiyouna - Toumani Diabate
15. Where would you be – Yaw
16. Mr Love & Justice – Billy Bragg
17. Shoulder to sigh on – Little Man Tate
18. A good old fashioned town – Paul Heaton
19. Aurora – Arun Ghosh
20. Tommy Shooter – The Fall
21. Step Forward – James Finlay
22. Face on a wall – Little Man Tate
23. Heavenly Peach Banquet – Monkey
24. Mermaids and Slaves – Paul Heaton
25. The Rip – Portishead

These 25 tunes are pulled direct from my I-pod and constitute the 25 most played tracks released in 2008.

25/25 - Bought in 2008

1. Razor’s Edge – Defunkt
2. Kit whites I & II – The Gloworms
3. ‘Ouses, ‘ouses, ‘ouses – John Copper & Sheila Chandra
4. Stool Pigeon – Kid Creole & the Coconuts
5. House party at Boothy’s – Little Man Tate
6. Sounds like something dirty – A Certain Ratio
7. Can’t help thinking about me – David Bowie
8. Get off my track – Graham Day & the Gaolers
9. Village Green Preservation Society – Kate Rusby
10. European Lover – Little Man Tate
11. Abracadubra – Sir Horatio
12. Repercussions – A Certain Ratio
13. Sexy in Latin – Little Man Tate
14. Hard Times of Old England Retold – Billy Bragg, Eliza Carthy, Simon Emmerson
15. Forgive – Burial
16. Living in fear - Graham Day & the Gaolers
17. Videotape – Radiohead
18. F.T.B. – Robert Glasper
19. Theme de Yoyo – Art Ensemble of Chicago
20. Shooting Gallery – Albarn & Benediktsson
21. Morning Beer - Albarn & Benediktsson
22. Night Bus – Burial
23. Spooky – Dusty Springfield
24. Corcovado – Everything but the Girl
25. On the Pull - Graham Day & the Gaolers

These 25 tunes are pulled direct from my I-pod and constitute the 25 most played purchased tracks of the year.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pop Dreams & Sonic Wishes

Seeing as everyone is at it. I thought I’d chip in my own tuppence worth of pop dreams from 2008 and sonic wishes for 2009.

Before I go on to list the lucky winners in my very own festive 25/25 in a forthcoming post (25 songs released this year and 25 songs bought this year). I couldn’t let this opportunity go to decry my own listening habits this year!

I don’t seem to have broadened my musical horizons much at all this year! The only real departures were giving some head space to Radiohead (I know, I have been in denial for years), Fleet Foxes only very recently (but then they sound like stuff scattered across my hard drive anyway), Little Man Tate (ditto) and maybe a bit more prog than I would like (but that was due to my fellow DJ convincing himself that time was ripe for a Genesis revival – is it f*ck!). I didn’t bother with Bon Iver as my record collection hasn’t recovered from The Decemberists rapid fall from grace. Perhaps I should discover a bit more AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen or Leonard Cohen – perhaps not!

My standout artists this year are without doubt The Last Shadow Puppets, a combination of Scott Walker, John Barry, early Beatles and all round general cool 60’s sensibilities made them nailed on number 1 certainties. My other wonderful discovery has been the Part Time Heroes a brilliant reminder of how good British Jazz/ Soul/Beats/Funk can be – blown away by their track Shadowlands. Other good sounds abound, Toumani Diabate, Miriam and Amadou showing Mali leading the way. I’ll have to go back to Portishead as soon as summer has gone. Likewise Lambchop didn’t get the I-pod time I’d envisaged. The Weller album had three or four great tracks on it and is his best for years. Not enough dubstep, reggae or ska this year, must rectify that, although the Burial album was brutally good. Hopefully Shackleton will have a new album out in 2009 to rectify the situation.

The old but good stuff has included Art Ensemble of Chicago, especially Theme do Yoyo, Cinematic Orchestra with Fontella Bass featuring in both. The Clash haven’t been far away and I still love The Good, The Bad & The Queen. Plenty of Samba, of course, including Roberto Menescal and Marcus Valle. The Kinks and Small Faces had a good run out in August and September was mainly Scott Walker. I even finished off the year dropping the occasional Scritti Politti track into the slipstream, of a regular working day.

So, what of next year. What will the strategy be? Immerse myself in Neil Young in January? Give Hip-Hop a few overs in February? I think all will become clear on holiday. I’ll limit myself for a couple of weeks to only playing stuff I have never heard before on my I-pod and see what way the mood takes me after that. The only album I’m aware of waiting for is the new one from The Rifles (due Jan). I’m hoping that these artists deliver the goods in 2009.

The Last Shadow Puppets – Album 2 (Recorded in Abbey Road with R.Hawley as guest guitar)
Scritti Politti – a hip-hop covers album
The Specials – new material with JD back at the helm
Blur – bright and bouncy English guitar pop please!
Traffic – Weller joins Winwood
Arctic Monkeys – Album 3 (as long as it features Diamonds are Forever)
A Certain Ratio – Sextet 2 or a remix of Too Each
David Bowie – Reuniting with Brian Eno for a new Low
Gang of Four – to team up with Sugababes,
Massive Attack – to get back in the studio

Someone brand new!!

+ Finally Coldplay, Keene & Oasis to be banned from producing any more music, ever!